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How to Apply

Please send our office the completed application, along with the W-9, and supplementary documents listed on page 1 of the application. Once completed, this package can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to our office.



Bronx United IPA
140 Wadsworth Ave., Suite 4

New York, NY 10033

Phone: (646) 417-0500

Fax: (212) 320-0597

Bronx United IPA prides itself in the thriving independent practices that are active within the organization. In a rapidly modernizing world, we recognize the challenges that physicians face. This is why we choose to refrain from membership fees, dues, or payments of any kind. Our experienced team works closely with our extensive network of providers, ensuring compliance, the implementation of proven patient management techniques, and promoting cutting edge technology.

We conduct monthly informational membership meetings, where we update providers on advances in medicine; management of their practices and patients; new prescription drugs in the market; and discuss changes in government rules and regulations.
Throughout the year, we also provide educational coding seminars and discuss different health plans’ quality improvement programs. We maintain regular communication with individual practices and cater our services to each providers’ needs. Our priority is to inform our members of any major changes that could affect their practices, and to ensure that they are up-to-date and compliant with all New York State and Federal laws, as well as, any new developments in this ever-changing health care world.